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Woven And NonWoven Textiles

WNW Textiles, division of Dan Lynn Industries Inc.

For over fifty years, Dan Lynn Industries’ Woven and Non Woven (WNW) division has supplied evolutionary textile products and technologies to the mattress, furniture, correctional, military, healthcare, hospitality, transportation, apparel, sporting and camping, ecology and housing sectors in the United States. Whether it is flame retardancy, UV applications, anti microbial solutions, heat sealing or specification and testing fulfillment WNW has the know how and contacts in our supplier network to fulfill all your textile needs.

Because we represent many innovative textile manufacturers, distributors and converters we are in a position to provide our customers with the latest technologies to solve any sourcing problems you may have. Through our well developed global network we supply quick time advanced competitive textiles from Europe, Asia and Western hemispheres countries. Our experience in non woven high loft, needle punch and spun textiles as well as woven fabrics in a variety of fiber compositions makes us a true one source company for all your textile needs.

We are pleased to offer our free consultation services supplying research and statistical data and sampling. WNW is attentive to all your textile needs. That is what has kept us growing for over half a century.
References available upon request.